Sending liquid tackifier resin everyday


we are sending Winlex826T Liquid Tackifier Resin to our customer. They are purchasing it for PVC floor adhesive every day. Finjet Chemical will achieve 10000MT sales volume in year 2021.

Why we should use tackifier resin into the polymer?


Finjet chemical is one of the biggest rosin ester manufacturers in China. We supplies tackifier resin to adhesive manufacturers in China and oversea .Those adhesive can be applied into label、tape、paper box 、flooring、ink、paper mill and so on. Here is some data shows why we should add tackifier resin into our polymer: 1、to cut down the cost […]

New facility installation by Finjet Chemical


Finjet Chemical invest more than 200000 USD into new facility to meet the raising demand of tackifier resin. It is just a few monthes after expanded its work site. With this new facility, our capability will be increased to 800 MT per month. Thanks to the developing construction industry in China ,Finjet chemical keeps expanding […]

Liquid Tackifier Resin Winlex826


Winlex 826 is a newest successfully developed tackifier resin by Finjet Chemical . This item is supplied to one of the biggest construction company in China. By applying Winlex 826 into the adhesive systerm,our customer have saved a lot of labor and energy cost,simplified its floor adhesive manufacturer process,shortened the whole producing time . winlex […]

Finjet chemical’s Tackifier resin have ranges one of the best 10 product in Wuzhou City


On 31th Dec 2020,A report about the best local product was published by WuZhou official facility.Many local product such as white wine,Classical chicken,soybean milk, sausages,tea leaf have been nominated,Finjet chemical‘s product including rosin ester,and tackifier resin emulsion are also ranged into one of the best product in Wuzhou City. Finjet Chemical have more than 10 years […]

Internal sizing agent Gacpex705


Finjet chemical’s Rosin Based Size Gacpex 705 also noted as Internal Sizing Agent or Rosin Sizing Agent is a kind of anionic and dispersed rosin sizing agent produced with proprietary technology of Finjet. The characteristics, property and quality of its products are much better than those of the traditional saponified rosin sizing agent. This product […]

The 26th annual gum rosin conference


On 26th,Nov,2020,the 26th gum rosin annual conference was held in Zun Yi city,people who deal with gum rosin is taking part the conference with passion in the Ge Lan Yun Tian international hotel,more than 200 hundred people from enterprises of gum rosin /turpentine manufacturing,deep processing,down-stream application,raw material, trader from all over the country gather together […]

The expand of Finjet Chemical(pine resin tackifier expert)


As Finjet Chemical is developing new items of water base tackifier resin which will be applied to more area, our market is expanding as well. In order to meet the production capacity requirement of 8000MT per year,Finjet Chemical have to expand its work site as well as adding new manufacturer line. Now our factory floor […]

A couple reasons for the sharply raising price of gum rosin


Recently we can hear a lot of voice of“price is too high to accept“ from our cutomers,yes,price of gum rosin has been raising sharply since the end of Sep,2020,and it might keep raising in the near future,How did this happen?I beg everyone has this question in therir mind,the following information is my personal opinion: decrease […]

The 23rd China Adhesive and Tape Annual Conference was hold in ShangHai September 13-15,2020.


September,13th-15th ,2020 Finjet Chemical took part in the 23rd China Adhesive and Tape Annual Conference,during the Conference many enterprise has express their opinion on the development of the adhesive technology,and the application of new material,as well as the sales report and  import and export report of adhesive product in 2019,we can see from the report […]

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