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Major Producer Resin Dispersion In Southern China

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Quality Control System

The company passed ISO 9001 certification in 2008 to ensure that sinusitis-rhinitis and its customers conduct effective and reliable measurement of product quality control.

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Four Production Lines

One annual output of 3,000 tons of rosin ester and resin dispersion, an annual output of 1,000 tons of emulsifier, an annual output of 2,000 tons of polymerized rosin.

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Main Product Item

Gum rosin,ester of rosin,glycerol ester of rosin,resin dispersion,hydrogenated rosin ester,maleic modified rosin ester, including rosin ester Winlex series used in the adhesive industry,

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Penta rosin ester

we produce various kinds of products, including Penta rosin ester, Glycerol, Maleic, and resin dispersion, our ‘Windex’ and ‘Guinox’ series are widely used for the production of hot melt adhesives, pressure-sensitive adhesives, and water-based adhesive for label and tape, etc. and the “Finganox” are widely used for the soluble ink and water-based flexographic inks and offset ink, gravure inks. etc.

Company certification

Finjet got through the ISO9001:2008 quality management system authentication. We have the license to import and export. With the advanced technologies and high-quality products, we successfully enter the international market. Our high-quality sales team, keeping the close cooperation with customers, help customers to solve the problem.

Sales network

Our products are sold to the USA, Japan, Europe, and other developed countries. Today we are one of the fastest-growing rosin derivatives companies in Southern China. We spare no efforts to be a customer-focused, Innovative company.

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Finjet Chemical has endeavored to develop Resin Emulsion for more than 15 years. It greatly enhances peel adhesion from polyethylene. The pale color and good color retention, excellent pigment wetting, inherent tackiness, solvent-free. it enhances adhesion to low-energy surfaces. Excellent adhesion to both polyolefin and carton board substrates. Excellent balance of adhesive shear, tack

Why us?

Finjet  maintains close cooperation with customers with advanced technology and high-quality rosin ester and resin dispersion to help customers solve problems. Products are sold to the United States, Japan, and the European Union, and other developed countries. Located in Guangxi province of China, Finjet  has a great resource of Pinus massoniana which is the best grade of a pine tree. Using the gum rosin of Pinus massoniana We can produce high-quality rosin ester and resin dispersion. Having 15 years of experience Feinjet chemical can manufacture a wide range of products with softening points from 25°C to 160°C. and having different properties such as aging-resistance ,moisture-resistance,APE free,environmental friendly meeting various requirement of our customers.

Main Products


Not Being Satisfied By The Achievement Finjet Chemical Have Already Reached,We Are Keep Improving Ourselves By Upgrading Our Technology To Meet The Updated Requirement Of Our Customers. Nowadays Our Product Rosin Ester Winlex 4270 Are Widely Used By PVC Floor Construction,While Resin Dispersion Guinox 6081 /6081S/5861/6090 Are Widely Applied In Different Kinds Of Label.We Believe In The Near Future Our Product Will Be Applied To More Area.For More Information, Please Check From The Blog

What is liquid rosin ester-Winlex826?

What is liquid rosin ester-Winlex826? Winlex 826 is a newest successfully developed tackifier resin by Finjet Chemical .Winlex826 is a liquid rosin ester, designed as replacement of tackified

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