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gum rosin,ester of rosin,glycerol ester of rosin,resin dispersion,hydrogenated rosin ester,maleic modified rosin ester, including rosin ester Winlex series used in the adhesive industry, Guinox series water-based increase Viscosity emulsion and rosin resin Finganox series for the ink industry. The company has passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification and has the right to operate import and export.

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Finjetchemical is a major producer of rosin ester in Southern China, we produce various kinds of rosin ester products, including gum rosin,ester of rosin,glycerol ester of rosin,resin dispersion,hydrogenated rosin ester,maleic modified rosin ester, our “Winlex” and “Guinox” series are widely used for production of hot melt adhesives, pressure sensitive adhesives and water-based adhesive for label and tape etc. and the “Finganox” are widely used for the soluble ink and water-based flexographic inks and offset ink, gravure inks. etc. Finjet got through the ISO9001:2008 quality management system authentication. We have the license to import and export. With the advanced technologies and high quality products, we successfully enter to the international market. Our high quality sales team, keeping the close cooperation with customers, help customers to solve the problem. Our products are sold to USA, Japan, Europe and other developed countries. Today we are one of the fastest growing rosin derivatives companies in Southern China. We spare no efforts to be a customer focused, Innovative company. Add: No.76-1 Tangyuan road, Wuzhou, Guangxi, China Tel: 0086-774-2064616 Mobile:+86 13877417743 Fax: 0086-774-2064609 Post Code: 543001

Our Company Has Four Production Lines:

Rosin ester production lines which capacity is 3000 tons. Main products include: 1) ester of rosin apply in adhesive industries. Such as pentaerythritol rosin ester Winlex4101, Glycerol rosin ester Winlex4110, Liquid rosin ester Winlex4270, Non-Crystallizing Rosin Fintac2331, Super rosin ester Winlex4125 ext. 2) rosin ester apply in ink and paint industries. Such as Maleic modified resin Finganox 4303, Solvent base rosin ester Finganox4314 ext.

Rapid Response And Flexible Manufacturing System

Resin dispersion production lines capacity is also 3000 tons. Main products include: 1) resin dispersion Guinox series apply in water base adhesive industries. Such as rosin ester dispersion Guinox5100, Guinox5860 and Guinox5210. Rosin acid dispersion series Guinox5700 and Guinox5790, Hydrocarbon modified rosin resin dispersion Guinox H8154, Ginox H9510, Guinox H9520 ext. 2) Fortified Rosin Size apply in paper making industries. Such as Guinox8200 and Guinox8500.