Four production lines

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Our production capacity is over 10000MT per year with 4 production lines :
Rosin ester production lines which capacity is 6000 tons. Main products include: 1)product apply in adhesive industries. 2) product apply in ink and paint industries.
Resin dispersion production lines capacity is also 6000 tons. Main products include: 1) Guinox series apply in water base adhesive industries. Such as Guinox5100, Guinox5860 and Guinox5210. Rosin acid dispersion series Guinox5700 and Guinox5790, Hydrocarbon modified Guinox H8153, Ginox H9510, Guinox H9520 ext. 2) Fortified Rosin Size apply in paper making industries. Such as Guinox8200 and Guinox8500.
Emulgator production line with capacity 1000 tons, mainly producing emulgator for resin dispersion.
Dimer rosin production lines with capacity 2000 tons. Main products include polymerized rosin ester Fintac5336 and Fintac5337 which with SP95℃ and SP85℃.

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