Recently we can hear a lot of voice of“price is too high to accept“ from our cutomers,yes,price of gum rosin has been raising sharply since the end of Sep,2020,and it might keep raising in the near future,How did this happen?I beg everyone has this question in therir mind,the following information is my personal opinion:

  1. decrease in the production of gum rosin : almost 50% decrease in production in year 2020 because of high labor fee.
  2. Rasing price of petroleum resin.
  3. Supplement of the imported gum rosin is also shrinking due to Covid-19.

As one of the biggest tackifier resin manufacturer, all the price of the rosin ester and tackifier dispersion is decided by the market, the unstable of the price of gum rosin make it hard for us to quote the price, as price of gum rosin is raising day by day, sometimes 50usd per days, So we can only provide short valid-term quotation for our customer, anyway I suggest the sooner you can place an order, the lower price you can get.