Finjet chemical’s Rosin Based Size Gacpex 705 also noted as Internal Sizing Agent or Rosin Sizing Agent is a kind of anionic and dispersed rosin sizing agent produced with proprietary technology of Finjet. The characteristics, property and quality of its products are much better than those of the traditional saponified rosin sizing agent. This product also possesses a good sizing property and can improve the waterproof property of paper & prevent the permeation of ink.

Internal size for all paper.Excellent sizing effect.Little foam.Very low particle sizes, which not only improves the quality and the whiteness of the paper.

Dispersed easily in the cold water, just use cold water to mix the Rosin size directly.

It has the sizing effect under the weak acid condition (PH 5.5~6.5 ) in papermaking.

With the weak-acid condition, decrease the consumption of aluminum sulfate and lighten the corrosion on the facilities, If it is used corporately with cationic starch and cationic retention-filter aid, party adding to calcium carbonate as filler, paper could be made under weak-acid condition, the quality of paper could be improved.

Grain size is small and well-dispersed, suitable for a long-time storage without lamination and precipitating. And it’s easily used by cold-water dilution.

It has an excellent sizing effect under the condition of more hardness of water or the use of water by sealing and circulating. Also it has the same effect at the higher temperature.

It can be added to the dense pulp systems intermittently or the watery pulp systems continuously, conveniently used, easily controlled and adjust.

It can be used directly or can be diluted 3-5 times for use. Reverse sizing is recommended. The adding point is before the pulp-pouring pump or behind it, or behind pressure sieve. It can be added continuously with volume-measuring pumps. The adding dosage is dosage 0.3-1.2% (according to pulp, water dosage, papermaking performance etc.). The sizing pH should be controlled at 4.5-6.5.