Learn to know how is the development history of the pine resin

the development history of the pine resin

  1. the development history of the pine resin

    The development history of the pine resin ,people take gum rosin from pine tree,and then maufacture gum rosin intorosin esterby adding additive,such as glycerol,pentaerythritol,Maleic Acid and so on to improve its performance.As the development of technology more and more different kind of rosin ester are developed as well to meet different requirement of people’s daily life,the biggest problem we are facing nowadays is the environment, more and more product require environment-friendly, in this case waterborn tackifier resin dispersion coming up,based on the technology of rosin ester ,emulsifier was added to the rosin ester to become water based tackifier,without solution and APEO free,resin dispersion can be widely applied into acrylic polymer dispersion.You might not see it everywhere but you have always connection with it,such as pressure sensitive adhesive in all kinds of label,PVC flooring adhesive. Finjet chemical can produce many kinds of resin dispersion including: high softening point (30°C-160°C)  rosin ester dispersion ,not only be able  to improve the loop tack,peel,low temperature,aging performance,but also help you to reduce the material quantity by 25%,stablized coating process.