Low softening point pine resin

Low softening point pine resin-Winlex4270 LIQUID ROSIN ESTER
Winlex4270 is a liquid rosin ester,which can be applied to PVC flooring construction for its ability to extend the opening time in cold weather.It is designed for applications requiring low odor and
high tack. It has a suitable FDA status for use in food packaging applications covered by 175.105 and 175.300.

Finjet chemical manufactures pine chemical tackifier product including solvent based tackifier and water base tackifier for adhesive,our product including rosin ester resin dispersion、rosin acid resin dispersion,Hybrid resin dispersion、Glycerol rosin ester,Pentaerythritol rosin ester,polymerized rosin ester,Non-crystallizing rosin ester ,Hydrogenated rosin ester Disproportionated rosin,Maleic-modified rosin resin,Fumaric-modified rosin resin,phenolic-rosin resin.Our product can be applied into hotmelt adhesive,PVC flooring adhesive,UV material,ink,paint,not only be able  to improve the loop tack,peel,low temperature,aging performance,but also help you to reduce the material quantity by 25%,stablized coating process.
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