The development history of the pine resin


The development history of the pine resin ,people take gum rosin from pine tree,and then maufacture gum rosin into rosin ester by adding additive,such as glycerol,pentaerythritol,Maleic Acid and so on to improve its performance.As the development of technology more and more different kind of rosin ester are developed as well to meet different requirement of […]

Finjet chemical produce many kinds of resin dispersion


 Finjet chemical can produce many kinds of resin dispersion including: high softening point (30°C-160°C)  rosin ester dispersion,hydrogenated rosin ester dispersion,hydrocarbon resin dispersion,our company keep improving the quality of all the product providing more stability,higher moisture resistance ability,and smaller particle diameter tackifier to our customers. Finjet chemical manufactures pine chemical tackifier product including solvent based tackifier […]

Tackifier for PVC floor adhesive


In China most of the hospitals are using PVC floor,due to its low cost in labor and material,The product of Finjet chemical F2331 and W4270 ,are well applied to the PVC flooring adhesive,which are able to extend the opening time during the construction,PVC floor are using in many places now specially when building the mobile […]

Low softening point pine resin


Low softening point pine resin-Winlex4270 LIQUID ROSIN ESTER Winlex4270 is a liquid rosin ester,which can be applied to PVC flooring construction for its ability to extend the opening time in cold weather.It is designed for applications requiring low odor and high tack. It has a suitable FDA status for use in food packaging applications covered […]

the difference between Hydrocarbon Resin and pine rosin ester?  


Both of the Hydrocarbon Resin and pine rosin ester are the main material in the area of adhesive industry. They were added into most of the adhesive product. The difference of the performance: the pine rosin ester has better tack performance, while Hydrocarbon Resin shows better aging performance, SO they were used together in most […]

What is pine resin


I believe most people have seen pine tree, but they have no idea what is rosin means,In fact, rosin is the liquid produce from the natural pine tree. We may  not see it in our daily life, but it is used almost everywhere covering the area of medical, decoration and entertainment industry. Such as cleaning soap ,comestic product containing rosin […]

The contribution of Chinese medicine to the curing of patients suffered coronavirus


It is been 3 month since the out break of the coronavirus in China, now the coronavirus is well under controlled. Thanks for the effort of our medical system ,Most city is running normally, and almost 0 increasing rate for few days. During those days, Chinese medicine made a great contribution. Patients in our city […]

All the patient suffered the coronavirus in our city have been cured


Thank you for the concern of our customers, all the patient suffered the coronavirus in our city have been cured,which makes Wuzhou the highest cure rate in China,people are getting back to work step by step,everyone who is get back to work undertaking strict supervision as well as  following strict regulation such as taking temperature,cleaning […]

Finjet chemical wish you happy new year


As the year 2020 chinese spring festival is coming,Finjet chemical wish all you all a happy new year,reviewing the past one year,thanks to the trust of our custmer and the support from our supplier,Finjet chemical had achieved its goal. We provided 7000 MT pine chemical product to our domestic customers and 3000Mt to oversea customers […]

Finjet chemical as a rosin ester supplier was rewarded a silver cup from our customer


Finjet chemical manufactures pine chemical tackifier product including solvent based tackifier and water base tackifier for adhesive,our product including rosin ester resin dispersion、rosin acid resin dispersion,Hybrid resin dispersion、Glycerol rosin ester,Pentaerythritol rosin ester,polymerized rosin ester,Non-crystallizing rosin ester ,Hydrogenated rosin ester Disproportionated rosin,Maleic-modified rosin resin,Fumaric-modified rosin resin,phenolic-rosin resin.Our product can be applied into hotmelt adhesive,PVC flooring adhesive,UV […]

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