Some tips to guard against the corona virus

Release Time:2020-03-1358

here are some tips to guard against corona virus:

1,pubic places should install some App program to record everyone who have been inside,the record should contain the information such as entering time,person ID,and the leaving time.If any one who found sick after,all the people who had been to the places that the patients had been to at the same time should be stay alone at home for 14 days.

2、staying at home as much as you can.face marks should be wearing all the times if you have to go out,and try not to touch anything with your hands,cleaning hands and faces is required after you come back.

3、anyone who going into your city should be taking temperature 、stay alone and under supervision for 14 days.

4、today we are going to send some face masks to our friends and customers.

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