Tackifier for PVC floor adhesive

In China most of the hospitals are using PVC floor,due to its low cost in labor and material,The product of Finjet chemical F2331 and W4270 ,are well applied to the PVC flooring adhesive,which are able to extend the opening time during the construction,PVC floor are using in many places now specially when building the mobile cabin hospitals for the patients who are carrying the corona virus.
Finjet chemical manufactures pine chemical tackifier product including solvent based tackifier and water base tackifier for adhesive,our product including rosin ester resin dispersion、rosin acid resin dispersion,Hybrid resin dispersion、Glycerol rosin ester,Pentaerythritol rosin ester,polymerized rosin ester,Non-crystallizing rosin ester ,Hydrogenated rosin ester Disproportionated rosin,Maleic-modified rosin resin,Fumaric-modified rosin resin,phenolic-rosin resin.Our product can be applied into hotmelt adhesive,PVC flooring adhesive,UV material,ink,paint,not only be able  to improve the loop tack,peel,low temperature,aging performance,but also help you to reduce the material quantity by 25%,stablized coating process.