It is been 3 month since the out break of the coronavirus in China, now the coronavirus is well under controlled. Thanks for the effort of our medical system ,Most city is running normally, and almost 0 increasing rate for few days. During those days, Chinese medicine made a great contribution. Patients in our city are cured by the combination of Chinese traditional and Western medicine. Our doctors also provide a Chinese medicine formulation of soup or solid perfume for the people to guard against the coronavirus.
Our Chinese medicine which have 5000 years history, guarding every generation of Chinese.
Finjet chemical using the renewable resource of pine tree as material manufactures tackifier product including solvent based tackifier and water base tackifier for adhesive,our product including rosin ester resin dispersion、rosin acid resin dispersion,Hybridresin dispersion、Glycerol rosin ester,Pentaerythritol rosin ester,polymerized rosin ester,Non-crystallizing rosin ester ,Hydrogenated rosin ester Disproportionated rosin,Maleic-modified rosin resin,Fumaric-modified rosin resin,phenolic-rosin resin.Our product can be applied into hotmelt adhesive,PVC flooring adhesive,UV material,ink,paint,not only be able  to improve the loop tack,peel,low temperature,aging performance,but also help you to reduce the material quantity by 25%,stablized coating process.
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