Both of the Hydrocarbon Resin and pine rosin ester are the main material in the area of adhesive industry. They were added into most of the adhesive product.

The difference of the performance: the pine rosin ester has better tack performance, while Hydrocarbon Resin shows better aging performance, SO they were used together in most of the case. in which way to enhance the general performance of the adhesive.

Pine rosin ester comes from natural resource, is a renewable resource, More and more hotmelt adhesive manufacture are turning to rosin resins, for fear of oil scarcity and concern for the human environment.

Pine rosin ester as the tackifier resin is added to the adhesive product to increase tack, wetting and plasticity, and promotes the mixing of fillers and polymers performance.

The difference between Hydrocarbon Resin and pine rosin ester is getting less and less  As the the development of the technology in pine rosin ester,in the future more and more pine rosin ester will take place of the Hydrocarbon Resin,what do you think?