The expand of Finjet Chemical

As Finjet Chemical is developing new items of water base tackifier resin which will be applied to more area, our market is expanding as well. In order to meet the production capacity requirement of 8000MT per year,Finjet Chemical have to expand its work site as well as adding new manufacturer line. Now our factory floor space expand to 11 acres,while manufacture line is increase to 6.In the near future our factory will keep expanding to cover more product of pine chemical.

If you are in the industries of packaging adhesive,shoe adhesive,rubber adhesive,masking tape adhesive,film adhesive,label adhesive,PVC floor adhesive,pressure sensitive adhesive,hot melt adhesive,if you want improvement of the adhesion or cutting cost,please visit us,we have competitive items to meet your requirement,such as liquid rosin ester Winlex 4270 ,water base resin Guinox 7115,Guinox 6081S,Guinox 5100.