What is liquid rosin ester-Winlex826?

Winlex 826 is a newest successfully developed tackifier resin by Finjet Chemical .
Winlex826 is a liquid rosin ester, designed as replacement of tackified mixtures used for low VOC flooring adhesives. It will offer simplification of the production process, reduction of waste, higher yields, faster production times, reduction in energy costs, low emissions, low odor and reduction of EHS problems related to raw material handling. It meets the requirements of the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 21 under the sections 175.105 Adhesives. This kind of adhesive is mainly used in PVC flooring construction,nowadays more and more construction project is using PVC floor instead of traditional floor,specially hospital,mobile cabin hospital,school,fitness roomand other facility due to its easily construction,and the low costing,in this case Finjet Chemical will endeavor to this items in the future.
This item is supplied to one of the biggest construction company in China.
By applying Winlex 826 into the adhesive systerm,our customer have saved a lot of labor and energy cost,simplified its floor adhesive manufacturer process,shortened the whole producing time .
winlex 826 can make the adhesive manufacture process become more easily.