I believe most people have seen pine tree, but they have no idea what is rosin means,In fact, rosin is the liquid produce from the natural pine tree. We may  not see it in our daily life, but it is used almost everywhere covering the area of medical, decoration and entertainment industry. Such as cleaning soap ,comestic product containing rosin material. In terms of Musical Instruments, rosin is applied on the bow hair of erhu, violin, morin khuur and other strings to increase the friction of bow hair on the strings. Rosin is also an important chemical raw material. rosin can be made into different  rosinester by reacting with other chemical material such as glycerol , pentaerythritol,fumaric acid in high temperature. Rosin ester can be appilied to different kind of adhesive such as label adhesive, floor construction adhesive, book binding adhesive and so on.By adding rosin ester into different kind of adhesive, tackifier performance such as tack,peel,shear will be improved. Since rosin is taken from pine tree,which means it is renewable resource,and environmental friendly which also makes it unreplaceable material, Finjet chemical manufactures pine chemical tackifier product including solvent based tackifier and water base tackifier for adhesive,our product including rosin ester resin dispersion、rosin acid resin dispersion,Hybrid resin dispersion、Glycerol rosin ester,Pentaerythritol rosin ester,polymerized rosin ester,Non-crystallizing rosin ester ,Hydrogenated rosin ester Disproportionated rosin,Maleic-modified rosin resin,Fumaric-modified rosin resin,phenolic-rosin resin.Our product can be applied into hotmelt adhesive,PVC flooring adhesive,UV material,ink,paint,not only be able  to improve the loop tack,peel,low temperature,aging performance,but also help you to reduce the material quantity by 25%,stablized coating process.