What is the news in the 23rd China Adhesive and Tape Annual Conference was hold in ShangHai September 13-15,2020.

September,13th-15th ,2020 Finjet Chemical took part in the 23rd China Adhesive and Tape Annual Conference

during the Conference many enterprise has express their opinion on the development of the adhesive technology,and the application of new material,as well as the sales report and  import and export report of adhesive product in 2019,we can see from the report waterborne polymer is the main trend with 2940000 MT sales volume,while solvent base polymer is 1120000MT,facing the environmental issue day by day,waterborne polymer will take place the solvent base polymer step by step.Finjet Chemical as one of the biggest tackifier resin manufacturer will follow the step of the development of the whole world,we will endeavor to develop different water base tackifier resin to apply in different area,such as high adhesion,high solid content,high TG temperature,and low viscosity.Recently,Finjet Chemical manufacture several product which is in demand in the market,such as high solid content 60% rosin ester dispersion Guinox 5860,high TG temperature terpene resin tackifier Guinox8200.