What we can learn from the 26th annual gum rosin conference

  1. The 26th annual gum rosin conference

    On 26th,Nov,2020,the 26th gum rosin annual conference was held in Zun Yi city,people who deal with gum rosin is taking part the conference with passion in the Ge Lan Yun Tian international hotel,more than 200 hundred people from enterprises of gum rosin /turpentine manufacturing,deep processing,down-stream application,raw material, trader from all over the country gather together for the conference.

  2. what is the price trend of Gum Rosin

    From the report,gum rosin producing quantity from Jan-Oct,2020,is 169920 MT,85550 tons equal to 33% less than the same perial of year 2019, possibly 316700 MT for the whole year 2020,94700MT equal to 23% decrease compare to year 2019.
    From the report above,we assume that price of gum rosin will maintain at a high level for a certain period,in this case as a deep processing- tackifier resin manufacturer, all of our product including liquid rosin esterrosin ester,tackifier dispersion will maintain a high price level as well.