Why we should use tackifier resin into the polymer?

Release Time:2021-03-1258

Finjet chemical is one of the biggest rosin ester manufacturers in China.

We supplies tackifier resin to adhesive manufacturers in China and oversea .Those adhesive can be applied into label、tape、paper box 、flooring、ink、paper mill and so on.

Here is some data shows why we should add tackifier resin into our polymer:

1、to cut down the cost of polymer.

Normally tackifier resin has a lower price than polymer.

Manufacturer can cut down their cost by adding 20% tackifier resin.

2、to increase the tack and peal performance.

3、to improve the low temperature performance.

As more and more adhesive manufacturer using tackifier resin for their product,our domestic market keeps expanding.Specially when Covid-19 is affacting all the manufacture all over the world beside China.

we keep developing new items for applying into more area.

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