Tackifier Resin for PVC floor adhesive application

Ester of rosin is a polyol rosin ester acid. Commonly used polyols are glycerol and pentaerythritol. Polyol rosin ester is a light yellow transparent solid with softening point of 90 ~ 110℃ and acid value of 10 ~ 20. If it is applied to paint manufacture, the quality of the paint is slightly higher than that of rosin calcium soap. The softening point of pentaerythritol rosin ester is higher than that of glycerin rosin ester, the drying performance after making varnish, hardness, water resistance and other properties are better than that of glycerin rosin ester. Such as the use of polymerized rosin or hydrogenated rosin as raw materials made of the corresponding ester, discolouration tendency decreased, other properties have been improved. The softening point of polymerized rosin ester was higher than that of hydrogenated rosin ester.

The application of Guinox 6222

Our high softening point product Guinox 6222 added to rubber adhesive are well applied to protective paper also know as plotting sheet,by adding our pine resin the tack performance was improved, also keep the material clean while the protective paper be pealed off.This kind of protective paper using light oil paper as substrate and rubber adhesive can be applied to transfer location of applique on body of motorcycles,vehicles and etc,and of labels on 2, railway transport containers and etc.

CPP protective paper using CPP as its substrate is mainly applied to protect Photoelectric products during its manufacture process, having a good protective performance for plastic panel such as Diffusion film, polishing film, aluminum plate.

our product G6222 is well applied in the rubber adhesive of CPP protective paper for its high softening point have better heat resistant. By adding G6222,the shear time of the CPP protective paer will last 1 hour under 180°C.

Guinox 6222 is an ester of rosin dispersion,taking gum rosin from pine tree as its raw material is environmental friendly,APE free,can be applied to different kinds of adhesive.

Finjet chemical’s ester of rosin production including:DEG liquid ester,TEG liquid ester,non-crystallizing rosin, Glycerol/polymerized/fumaric/phenolic-modified/ Pentaerythritol/ maleic-modified rosin ester.our product can be applied to a wide range of area such as paint,coating,hot melt adheisve, ink,and roadmarking.


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