Glycerol Rosin Ester

Glycerol Rosin Ester using gum rosin from pine tree as its raw material,and adding glycerinum,its acid value is well be decreased ,it also shows a better weathering performance,and not metal corroding compare to the gum rosin。

Soluble in aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbon solvents(petroleum benzine, mineral spirit, benzene, ethyl acetate, acetone),esters, ketones and chlorinated solvents. Insoluble in alcohol and water.

Compatible with Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) polymers,Ethylene Ethyl Acrylate, Styrene-Isoprene-Styrene (SIS), Styrene- Butadiene-Styrene (SBS), SBR, natural rubber, butyl rubber, neoprene, acrylic, LMW polyethylene, amorphous polypropylene and other polymers and with phthalate and polyester plasticizers, alkyds, hydrocarbon resins and terpene resins.

Use in EVA, SBS, SIS, and other hot melt adhesives, Solvent-born SBR adhesives, Solvent-born natural rubber/SBR adhesives, Solvent-born natural rubber adhesives, Solvent-born Acrylic adhesives. Beside the above application,glycerol rosin ester can also be applied into hair removing wax.

Glycerol Rosin Ester

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