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Rosin Sizing Agent also know as Paper Sizing Agent using Gum Rosin as its raw material ,can be divided into two different kind as Surface Sizing Agent and Internal Sizing Agent.Using the rosin sizing agent into the paper can help to prevent the paper from bluring with water or ink,and to provide water resistance to paper/paper board,

Finjet Chemical manufacture surface sizing agent Gacpex8500 can be used for all paper, such as writing paper, packing paper, and craft paper ect.

It has Excellent sizing effect under alkaline and neutral condition, with or without fixing aid,Little foam..Very low particle sizes. Dispersed easily in the cold water, just use cold water to mix the rosin size directly.Apply in acrylic emulsion paper coating agent, good reaction with calcium carbonate.

Surface Sizing Agent-Rosin Sizing Agent -Gacpex 8500

Gacpex 705 is an anion internal sizing agent which can be applied to acidic paper,By appilying Gacpex 705 can help to  reduce the rosin dosage and save the aluminum sulfate dosage,as well as help you to save up to 25% of rosin dispersion compared with the current market emulsion dispersible.

The product has good mechanical stability and heat stability, hard water resistance, and improve the whiteness of paper, reduce the amount of paper loss.

Internal Sizing Agent-Rosin Sizing Agent -Gacpex 705