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water base tackifier dispersion Guinox 7115 with high solid content up to 60%,and low viscosity around 30- 200 in 30°C environment,PH value around 4-7 ,make it have a great market in paper box adhesive as tackifier dispersion as well as paper industry as paper sizing material, this mike-like liquid tackifier resin is APEO free,environmental friendly,have a great compatibility with EVA polymer and acrylic polymer.

After blending 5%-40% of the tackifier dispersion into the polymer, tack and peel performance will be improved as well as heat-resistance,

Tackifier for water-based adhesive, especially fixed type adhesives for use in attaching printed paper and cardboard. This Printed paper has applications in the manufacture of book covers and shopping bags.

Water-based paste-box adhesive, EVA or Acrylic Sealing adhesive for paper bag, EVA or Acrylic pasting adhesive.

Some suggestion about the application of Guinox 7115 in paper box adhesive:It can be blend with EVA dispersion DA102 which produced by TaiWan-DaLian chemical,adhesive produced in this way can be applied to sealing adhesive,paper box adhesive,those adhesive shows a good adhesion in substrate such as paper、wood、PU foam、cotton cloth.