Tackifier Resin for PVC floor adhesive application

Finjet chemical produce 3 types of tackifier resin for floor adhesive,solvent base Winlex 4270,Fintac 2331 and waterborne tackifier resin Guinox 6150,both Winlex 4270 and Guinox 6150 are manufactured from low softening point of rosin ester,by adding 20%-25% of these items to the floor adhesive,not only the flooring construction time can be easily adjusted,but also the tack、Peel and shear performance can be well improved,If the construction is in low temperature environment,adding these resin can improve the adhesive performance.

Our tackifier resin is manufactured from the gum rosin which is taken from natural resource-pine tree,located in a place with great resource of pine tree,we can produce environmental friendly resin. As more and more construction are starting to use PVC floor,such as hospital,school,due to the labor saving in construction,and low cost in material.In near future more and more countries will start to use PVC floor as well.

Tackifier Resin for PVC floor adhesive application -b

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