Waterborne Tackifier resin for label application

Finjet chemical manufacture many kind of waterborne tackifier resin for difference kind of application,such as label adhesive ,film adhesive、masking tape adhesive,PVC floor adhesive、shoe adhesive and wood adhesive. For label  and film application we have to use the low softening point tackifier,such as Guinox 6125,6052,5300,6150,5172,5100,5860,6081s,6280 and 6090,all these item can help you to improve tack performance,after 15 year of development Finjet chemical has all these different tackifier resin for label adhesive application to meet different requirement of the label manufacture, some of them are looking for improving tack performance and decrease in peel performance while the other customers are looking for the reverse,because different label are applied to different place. Nowaday,with environmental issue is getting to us closer than before,waterborne tackifier resin is taking place the solvent base one step by step,we keep meeting different requirement of the customer,we communicate with them and develop new items for them. Using the renewable resource of nature-Pine tree,and APO free,Finjet chemical will endeavor to develop Guinox serial in the future.

our engineer is testing the performance of waterborne tackifier resin for label